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January 2020

Julia Bahner wears a red suit jacket and a black top. She has short dark hair, red lipstick and glasses.

Interview: Julia Bahner

By Disability, Sex & disability, Undressing Disability

It’s been really exciting to see the distinctions between the different countries, both in terms of policies but also disability rights movements.
I would say that the UK has the most diverse array of disability and sexuality-focused organisations, and especially with regards to those that are led by disabled people.
Special ’sex care’ services as well as sex

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A drawing of a pair of ladies pants against a yellow background

Accessing A Smear Test As a Disabled Woman

By Disability, Sex & disability, Undressing Disability

There’s no doubt you’ve heard all the statements out there about smear tests, encouraging those of us who are busy, scared or just downright lazy to crack on and book an appointment. ‘It literally takes two minutes, it doesn’t hurt, and it’s FAR more important than it is embarrassing’. All absolutely true, for the most part, but is it the same experience for a disabled woman?

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