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Did you know – Disabled people have sex & they like it?

Yep. Shocking though it may seem, disabled people are just like, well, everyone, really. Sex is important. We all want to be loved, we all crave a bit of intimacy from time to time and like it or not, we are sexual beings. Take sex out of the equation and we will quickly start to feel insecure and unattractive. How we judge ourselves is inextricably linked to how we think others perceive us. This is a problem because (and this isn’t much of a secret) disability isn’t seen as sexy.

Group of people with various disabilities in their underwear


Disability can have a profound impact on your sex life, on the way you do it, and also the amount you have it. There are so many barriers facing disabled people who want to have an active sex life; Self confidence, Self esteem, Finding a partner and Overcoming physical and emotional barriers.

In fact, all those same barriers apply to anyone wanting an active sex life. The difference however for disabled people is that no one seems to want to talk about sex and disability. Targeted relationships and sex education for young disabled people is practically non existent. Support for couples coming to terms with disability and the impact it has on their relationship is thin on the ground. We talk to disabled people every day who are struggling to access basic sexual health services, such as STI screening.


Open almost any magazine and you’ll find an article about what makes for an attractive partner. We all value different qualities – whether it’s intelligence, sense of humour, looks, or financial security. No one ever says disability. Who wants their disability to be a sexual commodity? The problem is, we never talk about disability and sexuality in the same sentence. And the result is that people often fear their disability is an active turn-off.

So what are we doing about it?

Educating Professionals

Disabled people are sexual beings, and should have equal rights opportunities to have autonomy over choices about and access to their:

  • Sexual expression
  • Sexuality
  • And satisfying relationships throughout their lifetime

We understand that this can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic for some people. However, often as a result of this professionals working with disabled people overlook and ignore these rights, only addressing them if there’s been an incident or a problem arises. Enhance the UK provides disability and sexual expression training to give staff the confidence, skills, and knowledge to support disabled people in this area.

Jennie training a group of people sat in a horseshoe shape.

Supporting care homes

We at Enhance the UK are currently working alongside care homes to support them in ensuring they and their staff have all the know-how, so that disabled people in their setting can exercise their right of sexual expression in a safe and legal way. We deliver training to staff and can create and deliver bespoke training packages.

if you would like to find out more check out our training page or get in touch.

The Love Lounge

You can book an appointment with our ‘sexperts’ to talk to us and ask any questions you want regarding sex and disability, including topics like relationship advice, dating, meeting people, coming out as gay — whatever the question is, talk to our ‘sexperts’.

The new love lounge logo in pink
Jennie and Emily sat at the Premier League BT sport football desk being interviewed holding microphones.

Raising Awareness

We believe that for change to happen the first step is to raise awareness.

We have spoken at numerous conferences and events, featured in articles and on podcasts, appeared on television and radio shows and taken over social media channels to name a few!  If you would like to book us to work with you please do get in touch.

The Undressing Disability Book

Undressing Disability celebrates the desires, bodies and humanity of 19 disabled people, whilst proudly lifting the taboo on sex and disability. Support our cause and get your hard copy or Ebook today to read on your Kindle, Apple and Android devices.

The Undresing Disability front cover, Kelly wearing a black bra, knickers and a hat smiling at the camera with red lipstick. She is sat in her wheelchair.
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Undressing Disability Podcast

Our new podcast shines the light on sex and disability and helps to break down the taboos.  Whether it’s parenting, dating advice, information or information on sexual health hosts Jennie and Damian and their guests will talk about it.

The Undressing Disability Hub

Sign up FREE to our Undressing Disability Hub, an online networking platform for people to share information, education, experience and resources within the world of disability and sexuality.

We are so often encouraged to make connections and have conversations at work and within our professions, but at Enhance the UK, we believe there’s still so much that can be done to further communication and learning in this area of love, sex, relationships and impairments – and there’s nothing better than sharing ideas, creating projects together and learning from each other. Think of it as LinkedIn’s fun, sexy sibling that’s ready to make a stand and push for progress.

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