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Quest - an inclusive sex toy range

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If you’d have told us a couple of years ago that, in the midst of Brexit and a global pandemic, we’d be creating a line of inclusive sex toys with one of the UK’s biggest and most-loved manufacturers, Rocks Off… we might not quite have believed you. But, here we are – and we are beyond thrilled to introduce you to the Quest line of sex toys, aids and accompaniment.

We have consulted with colleagues, close friends and disability communities, held ideation workshops and taken toys through user testing. In creating inclusive sex toys and aids, we’ve truly considered the end-to-end journey for those with physical, sensory and cognitive impairments – including how products can be bought, how easily the packaging can be opened, instruction legibility and ease of understanding, and of course product use and enjoyment for those living independently and within supported environments. So, whether:

  • you have a visual impairment and have been waiting for toys with large, embossed buttons so that pleasure doesn’t have to be paused as different settings are scrolled through
  • you have limited dexterity or chronic fatigue and need a product that helps you reach the spot with little extra effort
  • or you simply want your partner to take the reigns via remote control use as you lay back and enjoy

We hope you will be able to find something within the Quest range that suits your personality, sexual preferences and accessibility requirements well.

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Meet Quest's Ambassador

Asta Philpot is a broadcaster, campaigner and disability rights activist. He started his on-screen media career in 2007 when he starred in the BBC documentary For One Night Only. To date, he has inspired two movies about his life, one in Belgium and most recently one in Hollywood. Asta is a weekly guest on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch as well as being a panellist on Good Morning Britain.

Here’s what Asta has to say about the range:

Additional Support

Enhance the UK are here to support disabled people in having the confidence and tools to manage their own sexual expression. We offer free information and resources on our Undressing Disability Hub, a wealth of useful blogs and also offer advice through The Love Lounge.

It’s also important that we educate non-disabled people, and help them to understand many of the ‘grey areas’ that often arise around disability, sex and the law. Someone who lives in a care home or employs caregivers has every right to their own pleasure but may need assistance with this. That’s why it’s so important that our Quest range is accompanied by educational material (available on our Undressing Disability Hub) training and advice. We are particularly proud of our Sexuality, Sexual Expression and Relationships training package that is available to care providers. Feeling empowered and desired is a quest that everyone deserves to embark on.

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