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Everybody wants to feel that they ‘belong’ and finding a sense of belonging with another person is very important to so many of us. Yet finding a ‘soul mate,’ for many people, is not so simple especially when you have a disability.

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Sex and Disability

Even if you’re in an established relationship, all sorts of tensions and difficulties can crop up. It’s especially hard if one of you becomes chronically sick, disabled or has an impairment which changes.

It can then become not only something you both need to get your head round, but could mean your partner now has to assist you in different ways and offer you ‘care’ in a way they haven’t done before.

The dynamic of your relationship could change, sex might become physically or emotionally difficult, or you may end up feeling like you’re living with your best friend and sex is off the menu all together.

Maybe you’re single and want to date, have fun, find the person of your dreams or even play the field a bit but are scared of ending up feeling like a novelty shag. Where do you look? How do you look? When do you mention an impairment or disability?

Living in a care home and maintaining or even establishing a relationship is no easy feat. Lack of information, attitudes, privacy and access are massive barriers. After all, how many double beds have you ever seen in a care home?

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Mik Scarlet

Mik is a big personality in the media world, representing disability in his own unique way.  He has presented shows on BBC2, Channel 4, ITV, Total Rock Radio and BBC 3 Counties Radio.

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Emily Yates

Emily is an accessibile travel writer and accessibility consultant, she has cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, and has had relationships with both able-bodied and disabled partners.

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Should I book an escort for a night out?

Posted by | Emily Yates, The Love Lounge | One Comment

Hi Emily, It’s been a while since I felt intimacy with a partner, and it’s bringing me down. Men pay for sex and companionship all the time, but the same thing doesn’t seem as acceptable for women. I’m really thinking of taking the plunge and booking an escort for a night out and then seeing how things go. Have you got any tips for me please? Thanks! M, 27. Hi there, and thanks for writing in to us. I really admire your honesty for talking about what is still a taboo subject for women, especially if they have a disability….

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Seeing past my disability

Posted by | Emily Yates, The Love Lounge | One Comment

Dear Love Lounge, I’m finally getting comfortable with the online dating scene and really enjoying flirting again! I’m really struggling with something though: if a guy I’m talking to suddenly goes quiet, doesn’t reply or doesn’t show up to a date, I always think that it’s got something to do with my disability. How can I get out of this cycle of thinking? It’s driving me mad! Grace Hi Grace. Thanks so much for writing in to us. It’s an interesting question and a tough one to answer, especially as I’ve felt like this numerous times before!! It may sound…

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Should I say I have cerebral palsy on my online dating profile?

Posted by | Emily Yates, The Love Lounge | No Comments

Dear Love Lounge, I’ve been trying my hand at online dating, especially after hearing all the hype about Tinder and similar apps. I have cerebral palsy which affects my walking and speech, and I’m not sure how to bring it up to any matches. It’s not something you can see in my photos, and putting something on my profile like ‘I’m wobbly and my speech is weird’ isn’t really going to get me anywhere I don’t think! Do you have any other suggestions? Gaby, 25 Hi Gaby! Love the humour in your message, and thanks for writing into us. It’s…

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Struggling to feel sexy in my wheelchair after my accident

Posted by | Emily Yates, The Love Lounge | No Comments

Hi Emily, I’m writing for some advice. I’m really struggling to feel sexy in my wheelchair after my accident, and feel like everything ‘girly’ and feminine about me is fading away. I don’t want to become that girl that always needs to have the lights off….! Please can you help me? Thanks Stacey, Hi Stacey. Thanks so much for writing into us at the Love Lounge. Coming to terms with a new impairment, and therefore a brand new body, that moves and functions in different ways, can be really tough! Especially tough, in fact, if you can’t do all those…

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Any advice for my brother?

Posted by | Emily Yates, The Love Lounge | No Comments

Hello! I have an older brother who is pretty far in the disability spectrum and have been hoping for some advice. He has Hypoplasia of the cerebellum which has rendered him mute and unable to walk with I guess you can call autistic traits… that’s the best way I can describe it, it’s a pretty rare disorder. Being the second child I’ve always acted as secondary caretaker next to my mom for my brother’s care, and having watched him grow up from an emotional teenage boy and mature to adulthood I’ve wondered about whether he’s missing out on those things…

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“Three years married and frustrated since my accident…”

Posted by | Mik Scarlet, The Love Lounge, Undressing Disability | No Comments

Hey Mik, I just discovered your videos on youtube. I’m 29, female, been C5 tetraplegic for five years now since my accident, three years married and getting quite frustrated cause I still haven’t been able to reach orgasm after the accident. I love my husband and he loves me, but sex still leaves me just relaxed at most. We’ve tried different positions, I’ve tried “thinking myself to it”, but it won’t help. I still have some minor feeling down there, but it’s like having sex while in a rubber suit really, so the sensations are nearly nonexistent. I’ve almost lost hope, but after seeing your videos…

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“What can I try to do to help my pain in the bedroom and make sure my partner stays happy?”

Posted by | Mik Scarlet, The Love Lounge, Undressing Disability | No Comments

“My chronic pain has never been properly diagnosed and i the last few years I have been unable to work because of it. My partner and I have been together for over ten years and had a really strong intimate relationship… until recently. I’ve been unable to enjoy any touch because of my pain recently and I find it hard to get in positions. My partner is understanding but I don’t want him to get frustrated as we are still young people in our early thirties. What can I try to do to help my pain in the bedroom and…

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“I’m worried I won’t look as smooth rolling around on the dancefloor!”

Posted by | Mik Scarlet, The Love Lounge, Undressing Disability | No Comments

“I was involved in an accident and after a long road of recovery I am now adjusting to life as a wheelchair user. So far, mostly, so good but I do have some worries about the practicalities of my new piece of kit​! Before the accident I loved nothing more than hitting bars and meeting new people. I’m worried I won’t look as smooth rolling around on the dancefloor!” – Tim, Crawley Hi Tim. To be honest I found myself looking far cooler once I started dancing in a wheelchair than I ever did on wheels. I have been known to take…

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“At 28 I started partially losing my sight last year and have increasingly been losing faith that I will find a boyfriend…”

Posted by | General, Mik Scarlet, My story, The Love Lounge, Undressing Disability | No Comments

At 28 I started partially losing my sight last year and have increasingly been losing faith that I will find a boyfriend – it was hard enough before! Would you recommend trying to date other people with impairments such as myself? Will able bodied men see me for me? (Pardon the pun..) Jasmine Hmm. I really think that it’s what works for you Jasmine. If you might feel safer and at ease with some who also has a visual impairment that why not try it? But not if you feel that’s all you can get, or you are having to…

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“Should I feel guilty since my accident has changed my partners lifestyle…”

Posted by | General, Mik Scarlet, The Love Lounge, Undressing Disability | No Comments

My fiancee and I are getting married next summer and since my accident last year, and the fact that I have to use a wheelchair, we haven’t been the most active couple we once were. We were always trekking or mountain biking and I feel this was a big part of her attraction to me. I feel like I am making her live a life she didn’t choose. Should I feel guilty? Tom   Hi Tom. It’s one of the elements of becoming disabled that is rarely talked about, the guilt felt for those who are in our lives. Whether it’s…

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