a group of people participating in wheelchair yoga

From wheelchair basketball to strictly wheelchair dancing: disability sports in all forms.

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Photo provided by http://mayallbehappy.org   As a disabled person who is not particularly athletic, the phrase ‘disability sport’ often fills me with a little dread. I am never going to be as incredibly sporty and successful as Hannah Cockroft, the gold-winning wheelchair racer, or swimming’s sweetheart Ellie Simmonds. I used to…

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A man starring at a TV in a dark room

ABA isn’t Always the Way to Unlock Autism

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BBC4 had a fascinating documentary this week on a new and controversial treatment for dealing with children with autism. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a system of teaching started in the 1960s which stems from a reward and punishment approach that was developed from experiments with animals. It claims to reduce unwanted traits in children with the…

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