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The question on disclosing dyslexia:

Hello Love Lounge,

I have dyslexia and it affects my life massively, I’m not sure about disclosing my dyslexia when dating. I found people don’t really understand dyslexia and think it’s just about spelling and grammar etc but for me it affects me in so many other ways. I struggle to remember names of people and places and I find it really hard to follow directions and read any kind of map.

I’m using voice recognition to write this now so please excuse any mistakes. I’ve recently had the courage to start online dating again and I mainly use Hinge because you can use voice notes on the app and it makes it easier for me. However having the confidence to then meet up with someone and going to a place they might suggest, and that I don’t know, fills me with dread. I know I can’t always go to the same places, and I need to get out of my little bubble and comfort zone.

Do I disclose on my profile I’m dyslexic? or do I tell them once we’re chatting, or should I save it until I know them more? I still feel very ashamed about how my brain works but I wish I didn’t.

Thank you,

The answer:

Hello Sophie,

It’s so common that people only think of dyslexia affecting reading and writing. But as we know, it can also mean poor organisation skills and poor short-term memory. So, arranging a date can of course bring these issues to the fore and you’re even more nervous than somebody not facing these challenges!

It’s up to you whether you tell the person you’re meeting that you have dyslexia – even if you ask for the things you need from them, you don’t have to say why. Suggest a place you know to begin with, and then when it’s their turn you could ask them to write it down over text for you (if it’s just been decided on a telephone call) so you can research beforehand where it is. If you’re really worried about navigating the map’s directions, you could always meet them nearby the venue at somewhere you know, and then walk up together.

Having a venue suggested to you with very short notice is likely to make you panic more – again be open and say let me know a good few hours before! Again, its up to you whether you say at this point ‘er I’m dyslexic and need time to check where I’m going otherwise, you’ll never meet me if I’m MIA – and what a shame that would be!’

Remember that being dyslexic has loads of good attributes too! They’re going to love your big picture thinking, your dynamism in conversation etc. Don’t let the fear of getting some details muddled put you off!

Have fun and celebrate your brain’s wonderful way of functioning!


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