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Dear Love Lounge,

I’ve finally worked up the confidence to start dating, both online and offline, and it’s going really well! I live in Manchester and struggle to walk long distances, so I sometimes use a wheelchair.  I really want to find some good accessible places to take the awkwardness out of my first dates – any ideas please?





Hi Ash,

Thanks for writing into us, and massive congrats on getting onto those apps and into those bars, and going for it when it comes to dating – that’s most of the battle won!!!

Having a handful of your favourite accessible places to choose from can take so much stress out of a date! Look on Euan’s Guide for some great inclusive venues (and also remember that, although it’s a bit cliche, cinemas usually have pretty great access!  There’s also some lovely accessible restaurants in Manchester, like Jamie’s Italian and Turtle Bay… best of luck!!

Em x

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