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Enhance the UK would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people, for their very generous donation of £10,000 to The Love Lounge.

The Love Lounge is a safe online environment where disabled users and their families can confidentially ask any questions concerning sex, relationships and disability to our panel of disabled ‘non-expert experts.’ They are Emily Yates, an accessible travel writer for ‘Rough Guide’ and Mik Scarlet, a prominent disability activist and TV personality.

We initially approached Lovehoney for sponsorship, as they seemed to be just the kind of organisation we wanted to align ourselves with, especially for this specific project. They are a sophisticated lingerie and sex toy online retailer and community who champion a varied, enjoyable and safe sex life.

Lovehoney are a conscientious company, recognising and valuing issues close to Enhance the UK’s heart. They are committed to regularly donating to national and local charities, as well as running the world’s only sex toy recycling scheme!

Now by providing us with this donation, which far exceeded our wishes, Lovehoney are emphasising the importance of intimate relationships for all. We will now be able to continue maintenance on our website and spread the work of The Love Lounge to potential new users around the country and beyond.

Thank You again, Lovehoney. Your money will go on to support physically disabled and sensory impaired people and their families seek help for the sensitive and important issues affecting them concerning sex, relationships and disability.

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