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Dear Love Lounge,
I’ve been dating this guy for a while and things are going really well. It’s been a few months now, and I know we’re going to sleep with each other soon…!
My muscles can get particularly tight and sore during sex, how can I let him know without spoiling the mood?!
Hi Kate,
Thanks for writing in to us, and about a pretty personal topic, too! 
How exciting! A new man and a new adventure 🙂 bet you can’t wait to see where things go! If things are going really well and you’ve spent a fair bit of time together now, bringing up sex, and how your disability fits in with that, shouldn’t really be an issue.
If he wants to get into your knickers, he can definitely listen to any concerns you might have!! Are there certain positions that work really well for you, or things that definitely don’t? Does having a bath before, or after, sex help you to relax? Or do tactically positioned pillows help to ease certain pains?
Whatever it may be, make sure to let him know (because he’s unlikely to know exactly what to do if you don’t tell him, and it’d be unfair to
expect him to, right?!)
That way, you can both be clued up beforehand and concentrate on enjoying the moment, no mood-spoilers in sight.
Em x

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