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Hi Emily,

It’s been a while since I felt intimacy with a partner, and it’s bringing me down. Men pay for sex and companionship all the time, but the same thing doesn’t seem as acceptable for women. I’m really thinking of taking the plunge and booking an escort for a night out and then seeing how things go. Have you got any tips for me please?


M, 27.

Hi there, and thanks for writing in to us. I really admire your honesty for talking about what is still a taboo subject for women, especially if they have a disability.

Firstly, that gender stereotype with paying for sex MUST change! If it’s something that you are comfortable doing, and you’ve thought about any personal consequences it may have for you, go for it and have fun!! As with any date, I’d do some research and make sure the venue is accessible, if you require access, and I’d have some pointers in the back of your mind in case conversation dries up and you need an ice-breaker. Other than that, rest assured that this person is there to make you feel good: relax and enjoy! Depending on your impairment and needs, it might be good to discuss any ‘bedroom stuff’ beforehand, but that is at the discretion of the two of you.

Good luck, let us know how it goes…. 😉

Em x

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  • Stuart says:

    Hi Emily,
    I looked on the tlc website for a Sex worker,as I have Aspergers,been single most my life and would like to have Sex again. I not had Sex with a Female for 20 years. Unfortunately the tlc website has no disability friendly Sex workers in Lancashire and the nearest one in Yprkshire is £170 per hour,which I can’t afford.

    I seen adverts online for Thai massage for £35 and some do massage with happy ending and Sex for just extra £20. Only risk is I don’t know if they trustworthy where tlc escorts are vetted. Do you know any Sex workers in Lancashire that have a good rep and not too expensive? I also aware disabled people can get money vouchers off councils for a vetted Sex worker. Does this apply to social disabilities as well like Aspergers? I feel experiance will give me more confidence to ask a Female out on a date in future.

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