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On the contrary, there’s many Frequently Unasked Questions about disability! People are often afraid to ask questions and worry about how to treat disabled people to avoid offending.

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We receive a lot of curious questions from people with and without disabilities about sex. Here’s some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Liability is an online monthly magazine published by us. It’s written by a group of women who all have disabilities and are not afraid to talk about them. They have a lot to say each month and topics covered range from sex and relationships to current affairs, politics and fashion. There really is something for everyone!

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A selection of grey and orange vibrators in different shapes.

The top five ‘game changing’ vibrators

By Sex & disability, Undressing Disability

While choosing a new sex toy can be really good fun, it can feel a little bit….repetitive after a while. When a new technology, style or shape is released, it’s not long before a lot of brands start to produce a copy of their own. This leaves our sex shops feeling a bit same old, same old when it comes to sex shopping.

There are some out there who are offering something new and exciting but how to find them?

Sex tech designers are listening when it comes to taking note of our needs and wants from our toys. There have been huge developments to inclusivity and access in design as well as the actual functions of the toys on offer. While there is a lot more to be done, there are some amazing toys out there that have been thought about what they have to offer.

We’ve created a list of the top five toys getting us excited for all the right reasons.


Putting the toys to the test

Some important things to note about the tester: they are a non-binary person with a vulva so the toys are chosen with this in mind. They are also neurodiverse so sound can be an issue for them.


Satisfyer. Elastic GameYellow banana shaped vibrator and also shows its flexibility by having it curved above

Sex toys can be so incredibly gendered when they don’t need to be. As a non-binary person, it feels annoying to be ignored when all it takes is care with the wording and consideration of design.

Satisfyer has thought about this with their new toys which are described as ‘non-binary’. These two new releases are designed to be used by anyone. The Elastic Joy and Elastic Game are multi-use to the extreme in that they can be used in so many different ways.

The versatile toys can be bent, pulled or stretched into positions. This means it can hit the clitoris or G-spot, anal stimulation, prostate massage or even to stimulate the nipples. There are no ends to the uses you can get with this clever toy -even the box demonstrates several handy ways.

The toy can be pulled apart to create a ring too. With two motors on either end which can also be controlled separately, with seven rhythms and 3 intensities.





Love not War. The Heads Collection6 vibrators of different sizes against a sparkly backgrounf

The team at Love not War have created a very simple vibrator with a very simple concept – more orgasms, less waste.

It comes with a series of detachable heads which you can screw on (ahem) or off. The idea behind the vibe is that you only need to buy the base and charger once. Instead of ending up with several toys with multiple accessories and packaging. The toys are made from recycled body-safe materials too.

However, it’s the design of the heads that makes this stand out. It allows you to get creative with pressure so that if you prefer a firmer top (again ahem) then you can switch out that one. If you collect the set of five heads then you can mix it up depending on what you need at the time. This was a godsend for a neurodiverse tester working out what type of pressure they needed from a toy. In that it could be simply switched out.

The heads are all named after different words for love in various languages which is a nice touch. However, when it came to good vibes, the Amour and Kama attachments were head and shoulders above the rest.



Buy now: £69.99+


Lioness. Lioness 2.0

Okay so there is one downside to the Lioness, it isn’t available in the UK yet.

However, it’s one to note as it can offer a fantastic insight into the way our bodies….and our minds work together. We are counting down the days until it’s available in the UK.

On the face of it, the Lioness looks like an ordinary vibe. But it’s actually an impressive bit of technology. There are sensors at the side of the toy to measure pelvic floor movements and it feeds information to the app it pairs with to track your orgasm. It can tell you when your body changes, at what time and what intensity your orgasm is at.

The vibrator records this information over time too so you can see how your orgasm is getting better or if it’s getting worse. The goal of this is to help people understand their bodies better while improving relationships and helping aid experimentation.

It’s incredibly fun to watch how your orgasms change depending on circumstances. You can try different things to track how your body responds and you get an orgasm out of it. Science can be really good fun.






Satisfyer. Double Joy Partner Vibrator

The We-Vibe DoublPurple rounded vibrator with plus and minus buttons on the tope Joy is definitely one for the couple who enjoy a bit of tech and a fancier vibe. The C-shaped vibrator is matched to an app which can be used as a remote control.

It might sound like a lot of toys that are on the market but it was another feature that caught our attention, one that allows you to pair it to music. Maybe not be to everyone’s taste but as a neurodiverse tester, anything that allows us to cut back on the minor noises that set off our ADHD and put off our orgasm could be helpful.

Additionally, it can be partnered with a Spotify playlist to create an immersive experience. It’s a huge upgrade from the early days of toys like this that connected to iPhones using far too many wires. Not a lot of vibrators feature this but it’s a case of a small design detail that could make a big difference for someone.

The toy is designed to be worn internally with one end inserted and the other on the clitoris. C-shaped vibes can be a bit tricky to fit if you are relying on someone for help, but not impossible.  The vibe has 10 speeds or patterns that can be controlled on the toy through the app. You can also score some bonus speeds should you need to by using the app.

Double Joy is very carefully crafted with soft silicone which makes it easy to wear or adjust if you need to.





Self & More. Zumio X SpiroTip Clitoral MassagerStraight purple vibrator in a charging stand

The Zumio X Spirotip may look a little strange, but the unusual design is what makes it a game changer. It’s a super-powerful direct clitoral stimulator that isn’t shaped like most bullets. It has been designed to mimic precise fingering and uses a rotating motor rather than vibrations.

The toy offers eight powerful speeds which can, despite its size but thanks to clever design, be quite intense. It does have a little bit of noise to it which is completely understandable due to its intensity.

The tiny head of the Zumio may look a bit different but has won design awards and is easy to see why. It is a powerful toy that is a great choice for anyone looking for a firmer choice or an intense experience. The lightweight toy can be taken into the shower too as its waterproof.

The charger is another reason why this is a great purchase. It comes with a dock rather than an awkward cable or magnet charger which means a lot less fuss. But be warned, this toy sells out fast and currently has a waiting list so you need to get in there quickly.






Read our top picks of quiet vibrators here

Male and female hands intertwined on a bed

Comfortable sex with Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy

By The Love Lounge

The Question

Dear Love Lounge,

I live in the UK and I got to know you through your website.
I have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and my partner wants to have sex and wants me to have children.
I would like to be advised on the best sex positions meant for a person with LGMD and ways of getting pregnant.
I’m looking forward to your reply.

The Answer

Hi Annie,

Thank you for writing to us here at the Love Lounge with your question.  Firstly I must say that I have no experience of LGMD, so I cannot be completely specific in my advice. However, I have read about your condition.


From your email, I wasn’t completely sure if you were already having a sexual relationship with your partner or if this was to be new ground for you.  Primarily, your concern is to be comfortable and not feel pain during sex. You want to enjoy it too!  You will know what positions your body is comfortable in and to what range of movement you have.  Additionally, your partner can assist you in the movement and clear communication with them about your comfort is essential.  Explain to them prior to doing it, what you think would work for you and ensure you have the confidence that they will listen to you in the throes of passion, should you need to move a limb or such, if it’s becoming too uncomfortable.
If muscle control is difficult for maintaining a position, then a pillow can be a great aid for support.  Either resting a leg against it, or wedging it under your hips to elevate your pelvis, can all help with access!  There is some furniture and specialised cushions that can help you.  Something like this may assist you – Liberator Wedge, Sex Furniture
You won’t enjoy the sex if you’re in pain so please make sure you are comfortable the best you can.


Now to your point about sex positions and pregnancy… well, from asking a midwife, she has assured me that the positions won’t matter! If the sperm is going to find its way up there, it will do so, no matter what way you’ve done it!  You may want to lie still for a few minutes after sex to prevent the semen dripping out of you, which may increase the possibility of becoming pregnant.
I hope this has answered some of your questions.  For more specifics regarding your condition, I would advise you to discuss with your Consultant as they will be aware of any other health problems that may affect the pregnancy.  But from my own research, it appears many women with LGMD cope in their pregnancy and can deliver naturally with assistance.  But, obviously, you would be advised by your own doctors.
If you need any more help from us, feel free to be in touch again!


Kind regards and good luck!

Contact Us

Everyone who writes into our Love Lounge receives an email with a private answer to their question. We then anonymise the Q&A and share them here on our website to help others who may be struggling with the same concern.  Get in touch if you’d like some advice.

Keep up to date with all our Love Lounge articles by following us on Instagram @UndressingDisability or on twitter @ETUKUndressing.


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Blurred out images of people on a bed with scrabble tiles in focus reading sex

Spinal cord injuries, intimacy, and sex

By Sex & disability, Undressing Disability

The support around spinal cord injuries (SCI) and sex isn’t great, and often isn’t even provided. Sex and intimacy are a huge part of a person’s life and will be impacted by this type of injury.

We spoke with Ian Hosking about his injury in the hopes that hearing advice from someone else in a similar situation may provide you with some support.


Meet Ian

Ian is a 52 year old man who currently lives in Wendover, Buckinghamshire with his wife, son, step-son & step-daughter .

At 34 years old, Ian and his then wife were in a car accident, leaving them both with spinal cord injuries, and Ian became tetraplegic paralysed from the chest down. Changing his life for ever.

Of course, this wasn’t easy for Ian to adjust to initially, however it didn’t stop Ian enjoying the activities he enjoyed. Amongst other things, Ian has a love for Wheelchair rugby, he played for 16 years and is now the chairman & player with Stoke Mandeville Maulers wheelchair rugby team.

Another of Ian’s passions is helping others with a SCI to regain confidence and navigate a new and unexpected journey. He has done a lot of work with the Spinal Injury Associations which includes delivering talks to organisations and groups.

Eighteen years on Ian has created a new life for himself and offers some great advice that could be useful to hear.


dimmed lighting, laptop on in the background with a heard shaped ornament on too and a candleOnline dating

Adjusting to an injury of this extend is difficult, and every situation is different. It caused a huge strain on Ian’s first marriage, resulting in separation for the pair.  After this, Ian tried online dating where he met his current wife 10 years ago. We wanted to get Ian’s opinion on when and how to tell your matches about a SCI.

Firstly, don’t feel pressure to advertise being a wheelchair user in your bio but also don’t hide it. After all your injury isn’t who you are, just a part of it. With a SCI, it isn’t always easy for someone to notice, especially if the pictures you are using are of you sitting down or from a certain angle.

However, as Ian suggests, it’s probably not a good idea for you not to hide it either. Ian would often talk about playing wheelchair rugby, which is a pretty good indicator. If someone stops speaking to you after this, then they likely weren’t the right person you would want in your life anyway!

We have a Love Lounge question answer more about disclosing disability when online dating that you might find useful.


Taking time to adjust

After the car accident, all Ian remembers is waking up in the hospital with his hands not working fully and with out being able to feel three quarters of his body. Now he has learned to use the function in his hands as best he can and is paralysed from the chest down.

One of the things Ian had to adjust to were leg spasms. With a SCI, the muscles are no longer responding to brain signals. Therefore, involuntary spasms can occur. This can be frustrating, you can take medication to reduce it but there is no way to stop them happening. Ian decided not the take ant medication and to just cope with the spasms.

Another adjustment is the loss of control over bladder and bowels. Accidents can occur, which obviously is not a pleasant experience. Ian says he was lucky as before his incident he didn’t have any issues with his bladder and bowels, therefore making it slightly easier to pre-plan his bathroom visits. However, this is not the case for everybody and will take a varying amount of time to adjust to these changes.


Ians advice

The number 1 thing is to be patient with yourself. You are relearning your body, and this takes time. You may find you now have different values and purpose. There is no ‘right way’ to adjust, so take time and learn what works for you. In time you will have new ‘normal’ routine, which many people establish through rehabilitation and support from family and friends. Which takes us on to having patience with your loved ones, communication is key.

Yes it is your body, but it will also impact the lives of those you are close with. Having an understanding to how others may react will go a long way. The people in your life will want to help, and any conflict or frustration can most likely be solved through an open and honest conversation.

Another piece of advice would be to stop trying to avoid problems and try solving them instead. What could a potential solution to your issue be? And if that doesn’t work then maybe something else will.


Intimacy Blurred image of someone lying on a bed. There are scrabble tiles in focus reading sex

Ian says the need for communication and honest conversations after a SCI made sex more intimate. The first step should always be honesty with your partner. This will also help relieve any nerves – which are completely normal for someone to experience around intimacy after an injury.

Planning your sex can be beneficial so you can make sure you have been to the bathroom beforehand and prepared yourself mentally if necessary.

One thing to consider and talk about with your partner is positions. This will depend on the level of injury as everyone will have different capabilities.

There are various medications that can taken which allows a male to become hard. Each with different strengths and side effects. For example, some medications will remain in the body for longer, which as Ian pointed out, is not ideal when it’s the next day and you’re trying to get about your daily life. It might take some trial and error to find what works for you.


Focusing on the positives

It goes without saying that adjusting to a SCI will be challenging, but Ian was determined to not let this change him from a happy and positive person.Ian and Lenny at his concert

He even laughed about how it can actually have many benefits. Like him and his wife getting priority seats to a past Lenny Kravitz concert resulting in being in the right place when Lenny did a walk around. Lenny then stopping and giving Ian a hug and kissing him on the head!

Ian also gives advice about the positives it can bring to a relationship, specifically being less selfish in the bedroom department. I’m sure many women (and men) can relate to sex sometimes feeling a bit…underwhelming. However, Ian says that his SCI made him more aware of what his partner wanted and liked. Pleasing them became more of a priority as the focus was taken off pleasuring himself.




If you have any questions about Spinal Cord Injuries and intimacy, write in to our Love Lounge where we will offer some practical advice to your problem

We also had Dr Mitchell Tepper on our Undressing Disability Podcast, who is a sex educator and coach who specialises in Spinal Cord Injuries.



The Love Lounge



If you feel alone and need to talk to someone, get a bit of down to earth advice or need some practical tips on sex, relationships and flirting, please come and talk to our resident love non expert sexperts!

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