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I have cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair also have a speech impediment I live with my dad which makes it moe difficult to get out as he is overprotective.

I want to experience sex as I yearn to know what it feel like.



Hi J

Hoping you’re well and thanks so much for contacting the Love Lounge. Sex and intimacy is a really important and treasured thing for most of us, regardless of disability, and to experience that connection with someone else can be a beautiful thing.

Maybe it would be good to have an honest conversation with your dad about sex and relationships? He needs to understand how important this is to you.

Have you tried online dating? Maybe it would be a good start initially to build your confidence up talking to men online.
Do you have any hobbies? Could you persuade your dad to take you to an evening class one night a week, for example, where you might have the chance to meet a partner?

I hope this helps


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