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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we think we be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t let you know about some of our favourite inclusive, sexy companies.  So, whether you’re searching for products to surprise your partner with, or looking forward to an orgasmic night in for one we’ve got you covered! Read on for our suggestions…

Tip 1: Hot Octopuss

The first thing that’s enticing about Hot Octopuss is their brilliant branding.  Edgy rather than flirty, with tattooed, striking models that are a far cry away from the blonde, busty images that often saturate the adult world. It’s fair to say we were instantly hooked.

Hot Octopuss are on a mission to make masturbation more inclusive for every body.  Their selection of pulse male toys can be used with or without an erection, and their new Queen Bee clitoral stimulator sets new standards for female toys. Not least because it boasts a long handle that is perfect for those with limited dexterity and movement.

With affordable pricing and display-worthy packaging to boot, Hot Octopuss truly offers something for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

Tip 2: Rocks Off

Rocks Off need little introduction. They are the UK’s leading sex toy manufacturer, and sell their products on pretty much every mainstream sexy website you can think of.

Rocks Off need to be praised beyond measure for an inclusive sex toy that is right up our street, though! The Ruby Glow is the ultimate answer to a hands-free orgasm for the seated females amongst us.

Imagine a miniature, battery powered version of a sybian that you can slide underneath you without moving out of your wheelchair (the dream, I know!) True to its name, it dazzles in ruby red velvet silicone, has ten powerful functions, and can even be used through clothing.

You can thank us later.

Tip 3:  Liberator Sex Furniture 

On the more luxurious end of the scale is Liberator, a company that prides itself on selling Bedroom Adventure Gear.  Whether you’re looking for a headrest to make positioning less painful, or a chaise lounge (that can innocently appear as stylish furniture when your parents come to visit) and become a playground for your wildest fantasies behind closed doors, this is the site for you.

There’s wedges and ramps that can be combined to make difficult positions more accessible. And even specialist beanbags to take pressure off your joints and limbs whilst you Netflix and chill (and we all know where that leads…!)

This stuff is far from cheap but, if nothing else, Liberator may well give you the inspiration you need to make your sex life all the more inclusive and fun.

4. Sh! Womenstore 

A recently new discovery for us, the staff at the Sh! shop in London are wonderful. They have classes that you can attend to learn how to have better orgasms and explore your sexuality. And you can also shop online. Take a peek.

Wishing you a very pleasurable Valentine’s Day indeed 😉

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