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Hi Love Lounge,

I’m about to go on my first holiday with my boyfriend.  We are both wheelchair users and obviously want it to go as smoothly as possible. Do you have any tips for us please?

Thank you!

Hi Mel! Lovely to hear from you.

Holiday times are so exciting, but there can be a real pressure to do everything all at once.  My first bit of advice would be to make sure you give yourselves a few days to chill and do very little on your trip, then you have the energy to have action-packed days that you really enjoy, too.  Planning and preparation, as sad as it is, has always been my best friend as a wheelchair-using traveller.  Ensure that your assistance is booked to get onto the plane, make sure an accessible shuttle service or taxi will be available to take you to your accommodation, and have a handful of accessible attractions, restaurants and bars that you really want to go to and you can be sure cater to your requirements.  Don’t be afraid to ask locals for help; very rarely have I ever been refused support or kindness when on holiday.  Hope this helps!

Have a wonderful trip away,

Em x 

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