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Hi Emily,

There’s a guy I really fancy at work.  We chat, and I’m pretty sure, flirt, allllllll the time and he goes out of his way to spend time with me or grab lunch with me etc etc etc.  I’d ask him out but I’ve been knocked back so many times before, maybe he just sees me as a mate? What do you think?

H x



Hi H!

Thanks for writing in to us.  I guess my first, and most important question is, would you be able to handle it if you asked him on a date and he said no? If you don’t think you could, then I don’t think you’re quite ready to put yourself out there just yet, and that’s more than okay! The bottom line is that, mates or more, this guy really values you, your opinion and your time, and those are amazing signs for a great friendship, or relationship.  None of us are immune to rejection unfortunately (wouldn’t it be great if we were?!) If I were you, I’d arrange to see this guy out of work as much as possible; spend some quality time together and you’ll soon know if he’s worth risking rejection on or not! If you ask me, the signs look good, but only he will be able to tell you how he really feels – and that point where you just NEED to know will either arrive, or it won’t, and I think that will tell you all you need to know 😊

Good luck!
Em x

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