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Hi there,

My partner and I are hoping to try for a baby soon.  I have cerebral palsy and though sex is possible, it isn’t always easy due to tight muscles and a lack of suitable positions for us.  My bladder muscles can be quite weak due to my CP, and I’m really concerned that the same will happen to my womb muscles.  Am I more likely to struggle to get pregnant, or even more likely to lose a baby, because of my disability?



Hi! Thanks so much for writing into us, and huge congratulations on your decision to become parents! I’ve got some good news for you: your womb uses a completely different set of muscles to your bladder, so its very unlikely indeed that you’d have the same issue with muscle weakness. Just to be sure, maybe contact your local fertility clinic; they can even conduct tests to check how fertile you are, which could give you even further peace of mind.

Best of luck!


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