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Mik and Emily,

I became a wheelchair user a couple of years ago. I’ve dated quite a lot before, but I’m going on my first one as a disabled woman in a couple of weeks. Do you have any tips?


Amy X



Hi Amy!

Thanks for writing into us. First of all, arghhhh! Best of luck with your date! Half the battle is won if you’re already a seasoned dater and will be able to control those pre-date nerves a bit! My main bit of advice for you is to encourage you to maybe take a bit more of a lead than you perhaps usually would in planning the date. As a wheelchair user, you’ll need to consider the accessibility of wherever you end up going (so a tiny little bar on a cobbled street with a couple of steps up to the front door probably wouldn’t be the best option!) and also think about how to get there.

Public transport can be super stressful, especially if you want to be on time! If I fancy a drink on the date, I always treat myself and get a taxi to prevent any mishaps! Apart from that, nothing should really change in the way you play the dating game – although I can almost guarantee the height of the guys you date won’t be quite as important anymore 😉

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