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Hi Love Lounge!
Sex with my partner is great.  We both have cerebral palsy though, which makes certain positions quite painful and time-consuming to get in and out of.  Any suggestions of how to spice things up?





Hi Andy,

First of all, great to hear you’re having such a good time!! 😉

Part of me wants to say ‘stick to what you know if it’s working so well!’ but I totally understand that desire for exciting new things.  I’ve got cerebral palsy too, and anything involving stretching my hamstrings or inner thighs is pretty much off limits! Have you tried the spooning sex position? Exactly the same as spooning, but with a cheeky bit of penetration and thrusting involved! The fab thing about this is that your partner will be able to keep their legs at a relaxed angle and width, too.  Or… maybe spicing things up doesn’t have to mean a different position?! You’d be surprised at how much a blindfold, some candle wax (be careful!) or a wrist restraint could make your usual position feel like a new one!! Happy to give more hints and tips on this if that’s the route you want to go down – let me know!!

Em x

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