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Image of blogger LaurenSo, everybody has flaws. Some people are proud of their flaws, and some people tend to hide them because they can bring the hurtful side of other individuals out. Every disability is different, and comes with it’s own set of insecurities and obstacles to overcome. Sometimes, it only takes one strong, unwanted opinion to offend somebody. Disabled people are faced with foul, sickening comments every day of their lives. Even the smallest stare can make the person so insecure and small. This is because society, sadly, still hasn’t moved on and shallow minded people still exist.

People also use discriminatory and derogatory terms in every day conversations such as “retard” and “spack”. They don’t realise that these are actual disabilities and have been turned into an insult. I believe that people should be taught in the early years of childhood that derogatory terms will not be stood for and that there will be consequences for using such language.

Disabled people, as well as many able bodied people, if not all, have flaws. And when people point them out it can become very tedious because, that person knows that, that particular flaw is there. Making it known to the person and everyone around is not big. And it’s definitely not clever as you could make the person feel so small and vulnerable.

If you ever get the urge to taunt somebody about their appearance or disability, I strongly suggest that you rethink and put yourself in that person’s shoes for a moment. If you had a disability all your life, and you’d got that far, and become the person that you are today, would you appreciate somebody disrespecting you and the little flaws and mistakes you have or make?


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  • Caroline Dempsey says:

    Well said, Lauren. I admire you. You’re a brilliant writer and I feel sure will be addressing hundreds of people one day.
    Big hugs xx

    • Lauren Howorth says:

      Thankyou! It’s about time disabled people are heard and society changes! It’s not the 1900’s now!! xx

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