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I am a severely disabled lady with Cerebral Palsy approaching 60.

I have been messaging a man for years. it was just a general chat, but this year we have become more sexually expressive, which I am enjoying..

I have live-in care and obviously, the care workers sleep next door to me, so they would hear anything we do, and they are required to record everything they do. they would have to record that someone has visited me.

He lives in 3 hours away from me so it would just be for a meal and hopefully some intimacy when we meet up.

I have never been with an able-bodied man before, and I really want to experience that. But I am a bit nervous of his reaction if I can’t move the way able-bodied women do. I have told him how disabled I am, but I am used to shocked responses from people who haven’t seen me before.

He has said he is interested in having sex with a disabled woman and is willing to come down to a hotel for a meet up. He is happy to help me sexually if the occasion presents itself and is right.

I don’t know how to get the care worker to respect my privacy as a passionate and sexual woman – they are required to record everything they do with me and for me.

I have had a meeting with the care manager at the agency and they just said, if a care worker is with me, they have to write down what they do and where we go.

I really don’t know what to do or who to get to help with this situation. I need advice from an outside person, who isn’t judgemental, and knows that sexual activity is a human need.

Thank you for your help.



The Answer:

It sounds lovely that your friendship with this man has developed into something titillating – and it sounds like you’re enjoying that!  And like you say, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will lead to something physical on the day, as you’ll only do what you’re comfortable with.

It’s always a difficult situation when you live with care when you want some intimate private time.  Of course, there are safeguarding issues with regard to the carers and agency covering themselves, however as long as you have capacity you should be able to make the life choices you want.  Yes, they may need to write where you went etc but they don’t need to write intimate details.  And really those notes shouldn’t be shared with anybody else other than your team. (unless of course a situation arises re safeguarding etc).

So, I guess if you don’t mind your favourite carers knowing, and they’re the ones you have helping you that day, then the thought of it being written down shouldn’t stop you doing this meet up. Be proud of your passion. I totally understand it’s not what any other adult has to go through – they don’t get their sexual activity documented – so it seems unfair that we do.

However, as I say, they will not need to write explicit details. So, weigh up your levels of embarrassment and (an unfortunately necessary) invasion of your privacy with your desire to go ahead with this meeting with your man… The agency’s choice of safeguarding you needs to be the least restrictive option!

Good luck and you have every right to express your sexuality and experience intimacy. Just remember to put things in place and do everything you can to keep yourself safe.

Zoe x