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Hi Love Lounge,

I’ve just moved to a new city and am finding it hard to find accessible places to go, and that’s causing me to feel quite lonely as meeting new people and finding relationships is almost impossible! Can you help me please?


Hi there, and thanks so much for contacting us.  It’s amazing how much getting out and about (and no longer being able to) really affects the way that we see ourselves and our relationships.  As I don’t know where you’ve moved to, I can’t give you any specific location advice, but Euan’s Guide, Disabled Go and Tourism for All are all good sites to visit.  In terms of meeting people, I’d suggest going on these three sites and finding a couple of bars/restaurants that suit your taste and style and make them your local hangout! Do you have friends from your old location who might come and visit you and give you a hand going to these places for the first time? Friends can act as great cupids, too! 😉

If nerves might get the better of you, download a dating app and just have a go at chatting to people first – who cares if the first chat up line you use doesn’t quite go to plan?! Find out what does work for you and then use it in person! Wishing you the best of luck in your new home and making new connections J


Em x

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