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The Question

Dear Love Lounge,

I always struggle this time of year with the fact that January is geared up to everyone losing weight and getting fit. It can make me feel guilty, like I’m lazy, and should be doing the same. I find it hard to get motivated and as I’m a wheelchair user (not an independent pusher, so I’m not so fit) I can’t think of ways to exercise.
Do you know of any classes that cater for wheelchair users?

The Answer

Hi Louise,
We can all identify with the body shaming that hits us after Christmas! Every advert encouraging a diet, or a new fitness regime. It’s relentless. Even though we expect it every year it can definitely still have a negative effect on us, particularly if we feel we can’t do what they’re suggesting.
Motivation is a hard one.. but only do things for yourself – not because the media is telling you to. Now we all know that movement and exercise is beneficial for us mentally and physically, so if you’re wanting to do that let’s see what’s available to you..

Social Media Accounts

I’ve seen a few people on social media who do exercise classes for wheelchair users.
  • One is called Ella who does wheelchair workouts on her YouTube page
We all have different abilities so you may not be able to do all of the exercises, but I think just by having someone to watch will motivate you! You can adjust what you do but at least you’ll be moving!!
It is also worthwhile checking out Wheelpower as they are the national charity for wheelchair sports:
They will be able to let you know where accessible gyms are and sports teams etc.  They also offer online fitness courses.
Hope you find something that you love!
Remember it’s about feeling good in your body and having fun. Not trying to conform to social ideals!!
Happy, healthy new year, new you!
Zoe x
The Love Lounge Team


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