So that day when we celebrate all things love is coming up.  Valentine’s has always been a bit hit or miss for me.  My first boyfriend dumped me the day after – having already given me a cute teddy, chocolates and a heartfelt card.  I always wondered why he didn’t save himself the money and finish things the day before.  To be honest I can’t say I was particularly heart broken – he was absolutely gorgeous but not exactly riveting company but I couldn’t, and still can’t understand the logic… Anyway after that experience I think it’s fair to say I became a tad cynical about the whole idea of Valentines.  Other years I have got pissed and sung a dodgy rendition of ‘All by Myself’ whilst watching Bridget Jones’ Diary or gone on a girls night out, celebrating being single, singing along to Girls Just Want To Have Fun – yes there is a theme of drunken singing which makes your ears bleed developing.   I have, however, celebrated with boyfriends on lots of lovely Valentine’s Days and always make sure I put lots of thought into any gifts I give.

Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, there are some people who find themselves single on the day, when it seems like everyone else is celebrating love and this can be an exceptionally difficult day for some.

Lets be honest the dating game is hard at the best of times and for some people who are disabled thing can be much harder.  It can be a minefield.  If you have a profile on an online dating site when should you say about your disability?  What venues are accessible and also good for dates? What about if you need a carer to help you transfer from a wheelchair?  Do you bring them along in case you need them, or leave them at home and hope you don’t need the little girls room?  Some people simply aren’t phased by these points at all, others are.  We’re all different.  The point is that for some unknown reason talking about disability and dating/relationships for many is awkward and difficult.  That’s why we at Enhance the UK have created the Love Lounge.  It’s a safe place to get free advice on all things sex, love and disability.  If you have any questions or need advice then please don’t be shy, do contact our ‘non-expert, Sexperts’.

About The Author

Claire has worked with Deaf children for a number of years, initially as an Educational Communicator and then as a teacher. She recently moved into working in the community to support Deaf adults as a Community Support Worker. She is chairperson of Bedfordshire Deaf Children’s Society and secretary for Luton Deaf Football Club. She has also provided Deaf Awareness training to various organisations. Claire has her level 2 British Sign Language Certificate although she has been signing from a young age as she is deaf herself. Initially Claire was a hearing aid user but after losing her residual hearing several years ago she has had a Cochlear Implant. Claire is often accompanied to work by her hearing dog Ivy.

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