Dear Love Lounge


Hi my name is Bridgette and I live in the U.S. is there a resource like this one where I live?

I’m 27 and I have C.P. and I have a lot of questions.


Hi Bridgette, and thanks so much for writing in to us!

As far as we know, the Love Lounge is the only online disability love, sex and relationships forum of its kind. But we are sure there are great resources in the US, too. Because we are online, we are truly global – anyone from anywhere can write in to us about anything and everything. So, if you have a lot of questions, please ask away!

I am also 27 and have cerebral palsy, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to answer some of your questions 😊


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Emily x


Dear Love Lounge,

My son is a wheelchair user, 25 years old and still a virgin, as he finds it particularly difficult to meet girls. I can tell that he is sexually frustrated, and it is getting him down, how can I help him with this?


Hi J, and thank you so much for writing in to us.

This is a tough question, and one that we get asked a lot. The answers we give really depend on three things: how close you are to your son, how severe the situation is, and of course, most importantly, what he would like to do to move forward and improve it.

The first and most vital step here (as it is with most things) is communication. However awkward or difficult it may be, you need to sit down with your son and talk about the situation – how is he feeling, and what would make him feel better? It might be that he would like more independence and time on his own so that he can have the opportunity to meet girls. He might want to talk about porn, masturbation, and sex toys that could make these things easier for him, or he might want to consider hiring a sex worker. It’s also possible that he might be feeling this way whilst having absolutely no idea what to do about it. The two of you may well have to research and figure things out together, so please do be prepared for that. These are all options, but it’s incredible that you’ve taken the first step (and are obviously open to helping him sort this and become a happier, more fulfilled man) by writing in to us.

Wishing you the best of luck, and please do get back in touch if we can support at all.

Emily x

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