Disability Awareness Training

We deliver fun and entertaining Disability Awareness Training
for schools and organisations.

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Undressing Disability

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Enhance the UK is a user led charity aiming to educate people of all ages about disability as well as assist those with a disability in playing a full and active role in society.

We want disabled people to be recognised as an active part of society, with equal access to education, healthcare, support and social interaction. We have a lot information for you to explore and share about many different aspects of disability.

Disability Awareness Training

We provide fun and entertaining Disability Awareness Training for schools and organisations. Our training is tailor made to suit your needs, delivered by user-led professionals and targeted to the needs of individual organisations.

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Undressing Disability

Undressing Disability is a campaign by Enhance the UK focusing on raising standards in sexual health and sexual awareness for disabled people.We provide a breakdown of the issues faced by many disabled people.

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British Sign Language

We teach Level 1 which is designed to enable learners to communicate with Deaf people in BSL. A range of topics are studied that involve simple, everyday language use. It provides an introduction to BSL and is suitable for all learners.

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We deliver the best Disability Awareness Training in the UK.

"We acquired new the confidence to try our new skills in the real world which has been appreciated by our hearing impaired employees."

− Frank Rodgers, Remploy Ltd

"I can honestly say that the training was the only time I have enjoyed disability awareness training. It was inspiring, informative, fun, interesting…."

− Nicola Parker, London Fire Brigade

"I have been on around 8 or 9 Disability awareness courses over the years and Enhance the UK’s is by far the best."

− Gus Alston, Development Manager, The Pirate Castle, London

Welcome BSL users

1 in 7 people in the UK is either deaf or hard of hearing with 2 million people wearing hearing aids.
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Is your website BSL accessible?

Enhance the UK offer video production services explained by BSL user and teacher Gavin Lilley
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