Hi Love Lounge

Sex is really starting to hurt and I think it’s because of my impairment. What can I do to change things?


Hi Betty,

Thanks so much for writing in to us. This is a tough question to answer as I don’t know what condition you have and how that’s affecting you. Do you have a regular partner? If so, it is so important that you mention this to them, as the slightest change in position could really make things much more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re able to, having sex in the bath might be a good thing to try; warm water is very good for relaxing tensions in the body and putting you, and your mind, at ease. Making sure to breathe deeply through pain is also important. If pain is in a specific area, perhaps you could look at sex furniture that makes certain positions easier and relieves the amount of weight and tension on certain areas. But, as with everything sexual, communication is key! Hopefully with a good chat and thinking session, you and the partner(s) you are sleeping with can find a way to relieve the pain.


Good luck!
Em x

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