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A bit more of a discussion piece this month (because we can’t all have crazy, exotic sex worth writing about all of the time…) What do you constitute as cheating? I think most of us would agree that penetrative sex with someone else when you’re in a monogamous relationship is top of the list, but what about oral sex? A kiss in a club? An emotional connection with someone else? Porn or virtual chatrooms and camming sessions?

All of my serious partners have had one thing in common: an unhealthy interest in porn. Some have used it so much that sex with me then became a chore, others have found that it hasn’t been having the desired effect, so have moved onto telling some total stranger online what they’d like to do to them, in a virtual chatroom. Cheating? It’s tough isn’t it? Giving someone else the time, effort and attraction that should have otherwise been spent on me. But it is just another way to have a wank, at the end of the day.

How does porn and the ease of sex in the online world make you feel? And does it count as cheating if it’s excessive, done secretively and sneakily, and at the detriment of time invested in you?

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