I’ve been so fortunate to go to many different places and see all sorts of things as a travel writer and consultant. I’ve seen Everest on a champagne flight, cage dived with sharks off the coast of Capetown, and have seen New Year’s celebrations like no other on Copacabana Beach. Often, other disabled people (and travellers in general) ask how they can travel and experience new things on a tight budget and limited time. My answer? Start from home!

I can 100% guarantee that, wherever you live in the world, you haven’t seen, tasted or experienced everything it has to offer. We are often so keen to seek out new climates and cultures and pop in a plane to do it, that we regularly forget that there are amazing travel experiences just outside our front door. I live in Glasgow, and in the past six months, whilst money has been tight and I’ve had work commitments here in the UK, I’ve been to a Christmas garden centre, stroked gorgeous kitties at a Cat Café, been to the top of a lighthouse to see the city from above, eaten incredible Mexican street food, been to a dive show, seen stars from a Planetarium and make fluorescent cocktails. Not bad in a 10 mile radius, hey?

If you want to become a travel writer, home is also a good place to start. Believe me, being able to go home to your own bed every night will be a total luxury once you’re on the road!!

What amazing experiences does your city have waiting for you?


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