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Many disabled people (myself included!) can get anxious or worry about how to best ‘spice up’ their sex lives whilst being kind to their impairments.  Missionary or the Spooning position might be incredible, but of course it’s good to change things up sometimes and excite or surprise your partner at the same time with something you just know they’ll love.  But how do we do that whilst ensuring we aren’t going to be wincing in pain throughout the whole thing and our night is going to be the one we remember as having ‘disaster’ written all over it.  Well, what if it wasn’t always about flicking through the Karma Sutra and finding the craziest position possible? Sometimes, our bodies are simply limited to a handful of positions and movements and, trust me, that is more than okay.  But, there’s no reason why we can’t make those positions a little more spicy and exciting than before, by introducing certain things that might just make chemistry, and orgasms, ‘pop!’

If you haven’t already, my first bit of advice would be to look up a brand called ‘Hot Octopuss’.  They make great sex toys with an accessible edge, from male vibrators you don’t have to have an erection to use, to toys for women with long handles and varying settings – meaning you don’t have to be able to touch your clitoris to enjoy everything about it! Imagine using toys before, during and even after sex to show that there can be difference and fun in the same, successful sexual positions.

Next comes sex furniture.  To use it, you might not even have to put your hand in your pocket!! Do you have bedside handles to help you get comfy? Why not attach some handcuffs to them? What about a shower seat or hoist that can turn into a sex chair or swing? The possibilities really are endless, and that’s what makes them so exciting! Failing that, take a look at Liberator for some inspiration.  The sex furniture there is luxurious and expensive, but there’s nothing to say you can’t grab a few wedges of foam and some waterproof fabric and make some sex furniture for yourself! Sex is simply better when we’re relaxed, pain-free and really able to get into the moment, and if sex furniture helps with that? Go for it!  Whatever you do, enjoy the experience.  There will be things that work for you and things that don’t, but that’s all part of a journey to a spicier sex life, with no impairment spared!

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