I’m going to drop the C-bomb…yep…Christmas! It’s nearly upon us and soon you will be decked in tinsel, drenched in mulled wine and kitted out in the latest incarnation of the good old Christmas jumper.

With all the office parties and festive get-togethers, you will most likely be wanting to up your makeup game. Christmas is definitely an excuse to wear glitter wherever and whenever your heart desires and not feel (too) awkward about it. There are certainly different levels of sparkle, as someone who is a bit glitter averse, but still enjoys a different look this time of year,  a good option is a liquid glitter eyeliner like Urban Decay’s ‘Heavy Metal Glitter’ or MAC’s ‘Dazzleliner’. You can get the Urban Decay liner from some reputable websites for less than a tenner and it gives a concentrated dazzle in a slim enough line just to give a hint of sparkle. In a similar vein,  a really nice way to add some glow to your makeup that still looks fairly natural, is to add some of Cover FX’s ‘Custom Enhancer Drops’ to your regular foundation, they come in 8 shades and the ‘halo’ shade used just on the cheekbones would make pretty much anyone look seriously angelic. The Cover FX drops are pretty expensive (around £34), but you could easily use a shimmer stick, or Wet n Wild’s ‘Megaglo Liquid Highlighter’ or Makeup Revolution’s ‘Liquid Highlighter’ which both come in at less than a fiver! Shimmer sticks are actually a real workhorse because they are so versatile and can be used all year round without looking like you’ve gone overboard. You can build up the coverage in layers for a more intense look, but used on eyelids, cheekbones, lips, you name it, they generally make you look great and are so easy to use. They’re also great to pop in your bag if you’ve not got enough space for lots of products. Nars, Glossier and Fenty Beauty do some good ones but there are loads of bargain ones to be had from your local drugstore.
To ramp it up a notch, you could add some of MAC cosmetic’s glitter pots to your face in a swipe across your eyelids or your cheekbones, for a more out-there look, you could apply it to your lips! If you want to go for the ‘I’ve just been attacked by my toddler with a glue gun’ look, get a good primer and be sure to use something like Urban Decay’s ‘Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive’ or Lime Crime’s ‘Glitter Helper’ to keep everything in place! The last thing you want to do is be finding it down your knickers a week later.

If you’re adding glitter to your eyelids, I always think using it with a smokey eye makes it all look a bit more grown up and less like your heading to your school disco.
If you fancy going full-on Christmas unicorn, then you could go for some face gems. Asos do a good line in them and also Festival Glitter have a whole website dedicated to the stuff as the name suggests. I’ve never been brave enough to try face gems, but who knows, maybe this year is the year to give it a go!

If you feel you’ve overdone it with the glitter, apparently the trick to removing it is rubbing coconut oil in circular motions on your face and removing it with a warm cloth. Failing that, get out the masking tape!

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