Right, guys! Sorry, but I HAD to review this… and can I just say SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched this episode DO NOT READ FURTHER.

OH. MY. GOSH, this weeks The Walking Dead was TENSE! I mean, we all knew it would be tense as it has been.. pretty much ALL SEASON! BUUUUUT this was… I’m about to have a heart attack, I can’t cope with life, someone tear out my eyes so I don’t have to see this, tense.

If you aren’t aware of The Walking Dead, then in a way you are lucky because once you start, you literally can’t stop! I was slightly late to the party and blasted the first two seasons in a few days with Jaz haha.. but since then I’ve been waiting on AMC yearly to release the next batch of episodes. They also do this really annoying part one and part two thing just to drag it out a little bit longer, and leave us all thinking WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO DO.. for months on end!

The thing about The Walking Dead, is, most of the time their character development is pretty much spot on, you meet someone.. think they are annoying as hell and then after seeing them for a few episodes you end up wanting to marry them! It’s a killer, as obviously… in a world filled with zombies, someone’s gotta die!

Series like The Walking Dead literally drive me insane, because I get torn! I don’t want them to have a hard time, I want everything to run smoothly and for them to just live a happy life planting tree’s and baking cookies.. BUT, that makes for awful TV so obviously action is needed.

Another pet-peeve I’ve had with previous seasons is the amount of WALKING..(not just because I can’t haha!) It’s been like, filler episode, cliff hanger, filler episode, filler episode, cliff hanger! I think they’ve ironed it out more in this season as it’s one of the most enjoyable I’ve watched so far. SO keep it up Walking Dead, less walking, more dead!

In the season finale, there was no lack of action and there were plenty of nail biting scenes from each angle, seriously there was NO respite, Carole was having a tough time, the main gang was having a tough time and where the HELL Daryl, Michonne and Glenn were remained to be seen until the very end.

All in all the episode was great! it’s the ending that caused me severe emotional pain. After an action filled season I think ALL fans were depending on the finale for some closure… it’s been a while since one of the original characters or one of the fan favourites has died, and I think we all know it’s coming. SO! I’m very much like, let’s rip this plaster off! Let’s find out who is going to die..and let’s just mourn them… NOW! BUT! In true TWD fashion.. that fateful theme music pops up before the true ending has been revealed. This REALLY annoys me.. as I feel we had a similar ending at the end of season 4 when they found themselves locked up in a railway carriage at terminus, it ended with a Rick Grimes classic “They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they realise…they are screwing with the wrong people” a bold statement, but as with normal walking dead when we resumed for Season 5, I felt it fell a bit flat.

I really hope that when Season 7 starts we will be straight back into the action and that the build up is certainly worth the wait!

One of my FAVOURITE parts of the finale of Season 6 was the long overdue introduction to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).. and he was everything I hoped, although you pretty much HATE him for having all of your favourite TWD characters on their knees at his mercy you can’t help but be like.. one. DAMNNNN you’re hot, and two. You look SO good in a leather jacket! haha.. But seriously, he was menacing but fair! Which always makes for a good villain and I seriously don’t know how our guys are going to get out of this situation.

Then comes the ANNOYING as hell ending! Negan decides that he wants to keep the crew alive and wants them to work for him, but that he will take one life because of our guys killing a heavy number of his crew! (which I guess is fair enough) BUT WHO!?!?! We hear screaming, we see darkness and the base ball bat beating whoever this might be… but then of course.. credits roll!

All in all, i’d give the episode 4 out of 5 hats! As.. it was gripping, entertaining and well produced but I have deducted one point for the MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER. Come on walking dead, this is IMPORTANT life changing info and I need it NOW!

Who do you think got killed? I’d love to hear your thoughts? Drop me a message @Kellypeebz

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