Is there anything better than a limited edition item becoming permanent when you’re a makeup lover? Well, I’m sure there is but for the purpose of this, no, no there isn’t.

Last year Too Faced released the Sweet Peach palette; an eyeshadow palette that housed eighteen stunning shadows, similar to their iconic Chocolate Bar collection. However, they made the Sweet Peach limited edition. WHY TOO FACED, WHY? As a self-proclaimed palette junkie I was determined to get my foundation-covered manicure all over this stunning product but was in hospital when it was released (yeah, nice one chronic pain) and completely missed it as it sold out in an instant. I think it’s safe to say I was devastated. Probably a slight exaggeration but go with me, I’m being dramatic. I hate missing out on limited edition items, especially if I really wanted them.

Anyway, I saw reviews pop up left, right and centre and my jealous little angry arse turned Hulk and I stalked Too Faced’s Instagram for any news of a possible second release. You see, make up brands do that. They bring out and product, say it’ll never make another appearance, it sells out, and they bring it back ‘one more time’ because of high demand.

However, that didn’t happen with Sweet Peach; Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino took to Instagram and released a video stating that the palette would come back as a permanent item alongside a collection of peachy goodness at the end of the year.

Obviously the whole collection launched in the US before the UK, and although the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette is available now in Debenhams, we’re still awaiting the arrival of the rest of the collection. I’ve been checking Debenhams’ Twitter and apparently the other items will be out mid-January, so if you fancy any of the other peach products, keep a look out.

So, what does the Sweet Peach Collection include? As well as the famous Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette, there’s a peach-infused blush – Papa Don’t Peach (I bloody love that name), a highlighting palette which includes a blush, highlighter and bronzer, and eight oil lip glosses.

I have a full review of the Sweet Peach palette on my blog but spoiler alert, I love it. It has such versatile, wearable, pigmented eyeshadows that are buttery and really easy to blend. I highly recommend it if you fancy a treat, and guess what? It smells like peaches.

Let me know on Twitter if you’ve tried anything from the collection or if you have your eye on anything else; I’d love to hear from you.

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