I for one have been keeping a close eye on the US presidential election campaign… I was more than ready for the results to come in after months and months of unrest, but now I’d happily wait a few more lifetimes to not see what I woke up to this morning.

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When discussing my fears with a friend the other day, she stated that she couldn’t understand why it was so important to me. I simply couldn’t comprehend why it isn’t important to her.   I stated that I couldn’t cope with the idea that Donald Trump may actually be elected and therefore hoped that my fears will be shown to be unfounded. My waiting with baited breath, anxiety and concern was all in vain; the nightmare I had fought in my mind is now, sadly, a reality for America and, to some extent, the rest of the world.

Looking back at Trump’s campaign there have been so many inconsistencies and changes in stance and policy that I worry that those who have voted for him are not actually aware of what they have really voted for. There are numerous examples of how his stance has changed on key issues. Immigration is a key area; he started the campaign with stating that he would build a wall and create a deportation force to deport all undocumented immigrants to now refusing to rule out a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Or how about his stance on Muslims? In December he made it clear that no Muslims should be allowed to enter the United States as visitors or immigrants. Now he will only say that ‘extreme vetting’ will apply to people from certain countries but has not said what actually this means. Then, there’s his view on climate change, during the early stages of his campaign he clearly stated he didn’t believe in it.  Now he has agreed that it exists but doesn’t believe that it’s manmade. What about abortion? Having previously stated that there needed to be punishment for women who have abortions he has now changed his mind and has said that abortion should be banned but women should not be criminalised. There are many other examples but I think you get my point!  This, ladies and gents, is now the President of the United States.  How can we possible know what he’s going to do next? Does he even know himself?

I was previously unable to comprehend the damage that Donald Trump could do to America and the rest of the world should he be elected in.  Even now that election result is sadly a reality, I still can’t.  But one thing is absolutely for sure: we are in for a rocky ride.  One in which diversity, equality, hope and love definitely are not going to be a priority on this man’s agenda as he steps into the most powerful position the world has to offer…

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