The life and times of one man living as a man who thinks he’s a woman…

Women Are Brilliant!

Let’s get one thing clear here first of all. I love Women. I’ve always loved women, I find most men horribly dull by comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got some great close friends who are male and I’ve known most of my life. Apart from those few very good mates, all the other most interesting, funny, witty, beautiful, amazingly horrible and wickedly bright people happen to be women (my wife is top of the list).

I discovered quite early in my life that I prefer the company of women. I don’t want to generalise too much, as I’m sure there are plenty of women who I’d find to be terribly dull and men who I’d find entertaining. Nothing scares me more than the idea of meeting some new men friends. Sitting in the pub discussing football, cars, jobs, knobs, farts, tits, fanny and lots of Banter. Oh God no. Not Banter. It just seems that most men do anything when they’re with other men to avoid talking about feelings or emotions. Whereas put a group of women together, and once the initial conversation about who’s currently on their period is out the way, the conversation kicks up a gear.

I’ve had the best times of my life just sitting in a room surrounded by women, laughing, bitching, putting the world to rights. Being rude, crude, emotionally engaging and just generally fucking brilliant!

It could be that because I’ve got a few very good close man friends, I don’t want any more. They fulfill all my man needs. But I’ve always got room for more women in my life.

It’s very easy to fall into sexual stereotypes and presumptions, but from my experience spending time with women can be a lot more fun and honest. I can really be myself and admit to crying watching the latest episode of First Dates (and yes I’ll get abuse about being a soft tart), but there’s no judgement or belittling. I can talk openly about my disability and how it’s affected my life. I can talk about my stages of anxiety, depression and also the times I’ve just been a complete idiot (there’s a lot of them). There’s honesty and hilarity and most women I know have the most wicked sense of humour, far and above the back and forth monosyllabic utterances of bloke banter.

It can’t be a coincidence that throughout my life I’ve been surrounded by women (never as a Hugh Hefner playboy), just as one of the girls. I remember picking out my college because it had 5 females to every male. Initially I thought ‘Great, I’ll be inundated with girls. Even I’ll pull there’. Fast forward 3 years and I left college with a whole raft of ‘new sisters’ and very little action to speak of. But I loved it (It wasn’t for the lack of trying on my part to be fair).

Every place I’ve ever worked I’ve always made more female friends, it’s just always been that way.

I’ve never been mistaken for gay by the women I get to know, but it’s funny how often the men looking in have immediately thought I must be gay to want to spend my time with all those women. The truth probably scares them too much, I like to listen and be honest and open with my feelings, it helps that I’m bloody hilarious (Fact!). As well as using my mouth a lot I make sure I’m also using my ears (whilst they’re still working! ) . It’s not rocket science, women like to know that they are being listened to. They also like having conversations that allow for emotional connections and openness. It also helps if you are good at bitching. Perhaps I’ve got more oestrogen than testosterone running around inside my huge body. One thing I’m very sure of is I’m definitely a man, I just happenthat to be one that’s living as a man who very much like a woman.

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