Well thank fonk for that! The kids are back at school, and as a parent we survived another 6 weeks without actually strangling the pain in the arses. Look we all love our kids, but really they are simply more immature irritating irrational and lazy versions of ourselves. And we can be complete idiots at the best of times.

Oh those heady days as a young ‘un, enjoying the last week of term, watching some dodgy 80s film on a tiny colour TV rolled in to the classroom with a VCR underneath that your teacher never knew how to work. But, those moments when you realised your lesson was going to be watching TV, BRILLIANT! Then knowing there was going to be 6 weeks of freedom from the daily dredge of school, even more BRILLIANT! I’m sure we all remember these days fondly.

Also I don’t know about you, but when I was younger all of my summer holidays used to be bright sunshine, lovely warm summer days that went on forever. We lived our lives like out of the Famous Five or Secret Seven, and if like us you were lucky enough to have a shed in your garden you actually had your own den! We only ever used to go on holiday to the UK in Poole, and these holidays which were in early July were always lovely weather and days spent on the beach.

I was reading an article recently which discussed why we all think that summers used to be hotter, drier and generally more summery than now. It’s actually a complete myth. I know. What a bastard. You see our brain only stores memories over time that ties in with happy thoughts and feelings. So obviously when we had those days when it poured with rain and we had to spend the day doing crosswords, word searches or playing Cluedo we don’t remember as time goes on. So our brain filters out the ‘non fun’ days which usually were the days when the weather was absolute shit. So there you have it, nostalgia is a lie.

We’ve just got back from a family holiday in Wales which reminded me so much of my holidays when I was a kid. Nowadays our children are simply spoilt. Back in the 70s and early 80s it wasn’t normal for every parent to take their kids on a 2 week holiday to the farther reaches of Europe every year. Even less so to the US, South America or Asia. Holidays around the UK were more normal and affordable. I have to say that this year we had the best holiday, every day was different and yes I know my teenage daughter would have preferred to laze by a pool in the sweltering heat, it was fantastic family time that we spent every day doing something together as a family. It was the type of memories that you know you’ll all remember and will definitely go down under ‘fun and happy memories’.

These are the times we remember as we get older and the kids will remember, so don’t worry if it’s pouring with rain and the kids were driving you mad. Don’t worry that you screamed at them till you went blue in the face and made a threat that you know you’ll never be able to follow through on. Just make sure you get those family days out sorted out and try and not let them drive you too mad. Enjoy the days with them as once they’re back to school you’ll be missing the time you spent with them. Weird, but true. Bloody kids!

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