Some might say you can’t juggle with one hand – I’d like to prove them wrong!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful “break?”. However, if you’re a working parent like me, my guess is that leading up to the “break” you’ve been run ragged with Nativity Plays, School Fayres, Christmas Carols and Santa Visits. And that’s on top of the gymnastics, after school clubs, homework, family commitments and general life!   Throw into the mix a full time job and whoah – is it any wonder I drank my body weight in Bailey’s Coffees (other brands are available) and did virtually nothing for the Christmas and New Year Break! At least I managed time off right over the chaos, for that I am grateful.

Modern day parenting can be very challenging. I read a statistic recently that 85% of working families have both parents working full time. Then on top of that kids lives just seem to be getting busier and busier. I am mother to a competitive gymnast, so my own, personal life is officially over and outside of work I’ve been demoted to taxi driver, spectator and positivity coach.   My daughter is in school Year 1, so adjusting to the school demands has been an experience also. I really do have to question the value of homework in Reception and Year 1 – you know the homework that US as parents have to complete! Like we don’t have enough to do!! I’ve somehow managed to rope myself into being the secretary of the PTA and the Chair on the Parents Forum, so some may say I’m a glutton for punishment – and they may be right! But, you know what they say – if you don’t do it, who will.

Now I may sound like I’m whinging and whining, but actually I’m not. Okay I may be having a mini rant, not called #RantyFran for nothing, but the long and short of it is I’m grateful. I’m grateful for my family and their health and ability to be able to do all these things. I’m grateful for the work I have that funds all these activities. I’m grateful that my family have the opportunity to experience fun things in life. Most of all though, I’m grateful to watch my daughter grow and develop into a wonderful little human being, right in front of my very eyes. It won’t last long – soon I’ll be wishing I had my baby girl young again. That reminds me why I do all these things.   That reminds me how fortunate I am. I’ve accepted this is family life.

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A gobby middle-aged Scottish biker-bird now settled in Yorkshire, Fran is a right arm amputee after a nasty motorbike accident in 2012.  Mother to a wonderful fruitcake of a daughter (age 6) she lives with her very patient and laid-back partner who also has two daughters (age 8 & 9).  Trying to break free from the Corporate rat race, Fran has started writing and some of her blogs can be found here:- 2 Arms Are Overrated and @RantyFran   Fran loves a good night out on the lash every now and then, but don’t be like Fran who forgets she’s not 21 anymore and then spends a week suffering.  Fran thinks dressing gown and slippers are more appropriate than high heels these days.

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