Hair. A word that sparks a mixture of fear, excitement, love, passion and dread for most women. Hair has always been seen as an important part of being a woman. Especially now as modern women, we are constantly made to think about hair, how we should style it and wear it. Whether it’s the hair on our heads or our bodies, most women feel somewhat pressurised about the way they choose to or ‘should’ wear their hair. Long, short, natural, dyed, extensions. Whether to embrace the natural look, keep it trimmed or shave it all off. It’s something that is regularly spoken about, freely encouraged or frowned upon.

But hair is something that can be used as a huge form of expression. It’s versatility is something that should be celebrated. How many times have you had an awful haircut and someone has told you, ‘don’t worry, it’ll grow back’? Doesn’t really ease the pain at the time but it’s definitely a statement of truth.

Apart from regular highlights as a teen, trying a gingery tone of my natural colour, a few months visiting the dark side and a horrific experience with a bottle of peroxide, I have had long, blonde hair with natural, sun kissed highlights for as long as I can remember. I like the natural colour of my hair and I’m EXTREMELY protective of the length. So much so I nearly always cry after a trip to the hairdressers and therefore haven’t had my hair cut in over two years. I’m getting married next year which has only made my attachment to my long locks and natural colour even stronger. (I must get my split ends trimmed before then!!!) But, I also feel hugely stuck in a rut and often lust over Instagram photos of beautiful women with hair that couldn’t be further from my own.

Recently, when drooling over said Instagram photos, I noticed one girl had tagged an account over her stunning hair. It said @lush_wigs. Naturally I had to investigate!

Lush Wigs are an online company selling natural, ombré, pastel and vivid coloured wigs starting from £24.99. They offer short, blunt styles and long, lengthy wigs that come in a choice of straight or curled with the options of fringed or fringeless. Not being able to resist a commitment-free hair change, I added ‘Firebug’, a long, wavy auburn style, ‘Chocolate’, a mid-length, brunette wig with a fringe and ‘Nanette’, a long, straight, grey style to my basket.

When I received the wigs I couldn’t believe the quality of the hair for the price I had paid! They came packaged in their own mesh hair nets to ensure that the hair was untangled on receipt. Each wig has a generous amount of thick hair which looks full and voluminous. The cap underneath the hair is stretchy and also comes with adjustable straps to tighten the wig to your head if needed. The wigs can look a little shiny and synthetic in direct sunlight but a light spritz of dry shampoo takes away the artificial shine and makes the hair appear more matte. Lush Wigs also offer worldwide tracked delivery and a reward points system for a discount off future purchases.

My favourite of the wigs is ‘Chocolate’. A deep brown with mahogany tones, a perfect, just-past-the- shoulder length with large, bouncy curls and a fringe which you can style fully across the forehead or more swept to the side.

The ease at which you can instantly change your look is amazing! A great option for women who might struggle with hair loss, horrendous dye jobs, unfortunate haircuts, bad hair days or just simply want to feel like someone else for the day! Wigs are the future!!

About The Author

I'm Lucy, a 24 year old Artist and Musician, who is partial to big, bedhead hair and the odd bindi! In between teaching English in Spain and going on European camping adventures with my fiancé, I spend my time in vegan cafes, markets and bohemian bazaars around the world, searching for the best cruelty-free burgers, silver and turquoise jewellery and Indian headdresses. With a serious love for bearded men, Frida Kahlo and avocados, I'll be bringing you fashion columns of festival inspired looks, style do's and don'ts and my favourite high street bargains. Thanks to my Cerebral Palsy, you won't be getting any reviews on high heels. (That, however, doesn't stop me sitting in shops for hours and trying to walk in them, though!)

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