The good old traditional job titles that every parent once hoped their child would attain such as doctor, lawyer, engineer, account and the list goes on have now been replaced.

A new generation of talented people who go by the name of ‘the creatives’ have suddenly emerged and established a field within their own right. What was once something we viewed as a hobby is now considered to be a lucrative career path that many have embarked upon. The way society is structured we are made to believe that it is not necessary to enjoy what you do so long as it is a respectful job which pays the bills. My question is why can’t we have both?

Academic intelligence is no longer the only recognised path to success. In the times we are living in now intelligence is being able to identify the things you are exceptionally good at and nurturing them as you grow. I remember many years ago when I was put on a schoolwork placement at a television production company I found myself incredibly fascinated by this new and amazing world which I discovered. When I decided to study video production at university many of my family members were confused and assumed I just wanted to be in front of the camera and become famous. The idea of mastering how to operate camera equipment or editing software was almost a waste of time in their eyes. Who would have thought that there would come a time where the world would depend on video more than ever, not to mention the amount of social media video platforms increasing by the day.

Learning any new skill is impressive, but understanding your strengths and interests is an achievement. I believe parents and educators need to work hard on identifying a child’s strong skills and ability as well as interest area, in order to bring out the child’s true potential. This ideology is currently practised in schools however, in a restricted framework constructed by a curriculum that does not really reflect the society we are living in. In many cultures having an artistic or creative streak is considered to be secondary to a solid academic foundation. But why limit your child’s opportunities in a rapidly growing world with vast opportunities increasing by the hour. It is important to prepare children by allowing them to explore and experiment different areas as they develop, so that their journey of self understanding is made easier. The more they are exposed to it the easier it will be to identify their strengths and interests.

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