The All-Rounder Vibe

The toy: Lovehoney BASICS Love Bullet Vibrator

Lovehoney BASICS Love Bullet Vibrator in purple

Why it’s great: Though it might be petite in dimensions, this mini vibe is mighty in power. Designed to offer exhilarating external stimulation to any erogenous zone, the rounded tip sends pleasurable sensations to any sensitive area (on people of any gender).

Its lightweight design and single button operation make it a doddle to use: all you need to do is tap the base to start the satisfying vibrations. Plus, because it’s only a single speed toy, you don’t have to scroll through endless patterns to find the one that works best for you. Just click and go!

What people say: “Perfect for those who might struggle with insertable toys because of movement issues or disability, as it can be moved easily with one finger.”

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