SO! Let’s get straight into it… with a great to surprise to everyone, including me! Here I am again and I STUCK TO MY SUBJECT! Tv & Film! I’m going to be writing THREE articles today (two for Liability Magazine) and as you know, that is super hard for me, as…as we’ve discussed before I am a massive flake and procrastination is my middle name! (Kelly Procrastination Perks-Bevington – mouthful right!) So please, please.. wish me luck and send tea, or gin… preferably gin.

As mentioned in my first post I absolutely LOVE TV & Film, in my old age it’s become my passion! ..Where before it was going out to gigs, hanging with friends, and getting “lost” on many a festival weekend, it’s now all about Netflix and Chill.. but in the literal sense haha.

Luckily, my husband and I originally met studying media/film so we definitely have a shared passion of film, documentaries and TV series, it’s kind of, our wind down thing… Unless it’s a god awful film, then we just end up falling into a spiralling black hole and wishing we could reclaim the last “x” amount of hours of our lives!

So today, I’m going to stick to topic…(again, shock!) and actually give you a rough outline of my OPINIONS on the film “Still Alice” (based on the novel by Lisa Genova). Hope you enjoy!

I’d been meaning to watch Still Alice for a while and actually missed it when it was at the cinema as we’d had a hectic couple of weeks, I was absolutely gutted as I really wanted to catch this at our favourite cinema (Curzon, Soho) as I just knew it’d be the kind of film to consume you emotionally and mentally.

I was absolutely thrilled when I saw this title uploaded to Netflix pretty soon after it’s release, as I am a lazy/impatient film fan… and if something doesn’t appear on one of the apps quickly enough for my liking I end up buying it or renting it via Amazon Prime! Which as you can imagine, quickly becomes expensive.

So, my opinion on the film.. It was exactly what I’d imagined! Thought provoking, draining, beautiful, emotional. I always seem to watch a really good film when i’ve got a deadline for Liability Magazine and I almost can’t wait to start writing. I felt I really had an emotional connection with this film, and I don’t know why! considering I have no first hand experience of Alzheimers disease itself, coupled with the fact that I find it really, really hard to sympathise (seriously, it’s a joke that my husband and I have… I just literally CAN’T do it). However, I DO have a physical disability (as you all probably know by now haha!). Although Spinal Muscular Atrophy is in no way linked or connected to Alzheimers disease it really made me think about disability and illness as a whole and how people are viewed.

In the film, Julianne Moore is a high flying career woman with three talented children, a doting husband and she actually works at a university teaching language and communications. The story is about her (Alice) and documents her experience of life with early onset Alzheimers disease. It was difficult to watch this film and see first hand an independent, successful woman reduced to a dependant who was doubted and underestimate by her closest loved ones and colleagues.

It was awful to see her loosing every part of herself, every memory, every like and dislike and the ability to manage her own life. It was also amazing to see her cope with every situation using technology to aid her. From silly things like setting reminders in her mobile phone, to recording herself messages should the worst happen(severe deterioration).

The whole film got me thinking about my situation, as lets face it, I’m an egomaniac and the only way I can really connect with anything is by relating it back to myself, and my life. But seriously for a moment, it got me wondering… I’m often judged at first glance, underestimated, babied and protected. Yet cognitively I am 100% “there” (most of the time haha!). What must it be like to loose your mental capacity, and how does it compare to physical disability? I always think as long as I have my memories, my ideas and my mental independence nothing can get in my way. But how do you overcome something as big as early onset Alzheimers when you are re-learning who you are, and all of your coping mechanisms have been essentially forgotten.

I think the answer is, that it doesn’t compare. Your loved ones still remember you and know you, but you don’t know yourself, it’s the ultimate change. We all change, grow and adapt throughout life… constantly! But what if you couldn’t control the rate you change, or what was changing.

The film left me with a very “live everyday as if it is your last” “carpe diem”…. “YOLO”(haha) feeling! Because there are SO many variables in life, whether it’s physical or mental health, circumstances out of your control or that you just NEED a change! Life is so unpredictable. The film also made me feel thankful for the health of myself, and my family and that we have happy and enjoyable lives.

When a problem arises in life, we all adapt, we have to… but I’d like just a little more time issue free, Please?!

I’ve decided, that seeing as I am going to try and stick to my topic more often, I need to think of a rating system for films/TV series/Doc’s going forward! and seeing as it’s a running joke between, colleagues, friends, family and people that don’t even really know me that I just wear beanies all the time (literally even my logo has a beanie!) I will be giving an awesome HAT rating out of five to each film.

So, for this film, I think 4 HATS (haha that’s going to take some getting used to!). Any film that can make you think as much as Still Alice did, and still be light hearted and also REALLY raw gets a good review in my book. Also Julianne Moores’ performance was outstanding, and the film also featured Kristen Stewart looking like her slightly hot-moody self.. always a bonus! I’d say.. watch this film if you are stressed or worried over something minor and you just need to relax! It’s a perfect film for putting life into perspective, anything could change at any time.. and really do ANY of us know, why we are here, how long we have, or even what the hell we are mean’t to be doing?

I’d love to talk to more people about their experience with disability, illness and disease physical or mental! I love to hear about coping strategies, changes to your lives and routines, the many positives that come from negatives… and more importantly I want to get to know you all! Please contact me! @KellyPeebz

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