This is a quick, easy and simple variation of the missionary position, that will ease up any pain or discomfort you might get when ‘spreading your legs’.

Get into the missionary position, with your partner knelt up and entering you from a right-angled position. Enjoy missionary (with your partner varying their angles and movements) until the stretch on your legs is becoming a bit too much. Go back into the right angled position, and move one of your legs over to meet the other leg, so you are effectively ‘side-saddling’ your partner. Suddenly, any discomfort should ease, and your partner can hold onto your thighs and bum to get good leverage. This is a brilliant way of adapting sex, and being able to continue, instead of having to immediately stop because of any discomfort.

When your legs have relaxed again through this position, return to missionary and repeat, until you get the result you’re after 😉



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