It’s fair to say that missionary is the ‘average Joe’ of the sex position world (and that’s not to say average Joe’s can’t be great, they totally can!) It delivers the intimacy that other positions just can’t, with the partner ‘on top’ being able to see the joyful results of their handiwork on the other’s face, and big changes in depth and feeling can be made with just a slight altering of leg positions and body angles. Great orgasms for minimal effort? Winner, winner! Everyone who knows their ABCs when it comes to sex knows what the missionary position is and, not wanting to be too ‘average Joe’ with my Sex position of the Month this month, I decided to take things a little further…

Anal sex has always been pretty hit and miss for me; either intense and amazing or just really bloody painful! Doggy style anal is only great when the communication between you is top notch (as it can so often otherwise lead to an excited partner just ‘slamming it in’ and hoping for the best!) Unfortunately, a few too many sore experiences have left me a little bit panicked and tense when the opportunity arises – the opposite of what I want to be. That is, until I discovered missionary anal sex.

I don’t think I need to explain the mechanics of this position, but what is important is the difference it made. The fact that I could communicate face-to-face with someone about what felt good and what didn’t really made the experience much more enjoyable from the start. As with regular missionary, the angles of bodies and legs can create different and deeper penetrations, and I felt I had more control over that than I would in a ‘from behind’ position, making me relax more which in turn made the sex better!

If you’re into anal sex but still want communication and intimacy to be an important factor, have a go and try this position. And if you really feel like going for it, mix a bit of May and June together and try some reverse cowgirl anal. I can thoroughly recommend.

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