Sex Position of the Month: Communication is also a position.

This month’s article is a little different.  It’s all well and good telling you about missionary anal, the 69 and reverse cowgirl, but we’ve not really talked about what is, in my mind, the most important part of sex and the best ‘position’ of all: communication.

The first step – ask your partner what they like and tell them what you like.  Do you like it when sweet nothings are whispered in your ear, are you pretty vocal during sex, or is intense, silent sex with plenty of eye contact really what gets you going? It might not seem like it, but these are all huge forms of sexual communication.

The next level – do you know if your partner likes to role play, or sometimes gets off by watching porn whilst having sex? In order to really get to know them intimately and have a great time behind closed doors, you need to understand how they sexually communicate.  How they communicate in the bedroom (and outside of it) might be totally different to how you do, and this can either work for or against your compatibility; you might seriously enjoy brand new things you never thought of trying, or be turned off by their preferences.  Either way, you’ll never know if you don’t communicate!

Next time you’re in the mood, give it a go; you might be surprised at what you find out…



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