When I think of sex and why I love it so much, there’s one ingredient that has to be present, and often turns a great shag into a mind blowing one: anticipation.

There’s nothing like being at a family dinner party, stealing glances, kisses, and even the odd fondle wherever possible, but knowing that things can’t really go much further until you’re ripping each other’s clothes off behind closed doors at the end of the night. The anticipation is they key – the thing that keeps the twinkle in the eye until the time comes.

Quite often there’s a journey between the dinner party and bed. Where the excitement  can overtake everything and all cares can, almost, disappear.

Last week we were in the car, driving to pick a few clothes up from a friend’s flat. After chatting about the plants we’d bought at a garden centre and what we might have for dinner later, we recounted the morning’s sex, with hands caressing legs and eyes reading faces as we sped down the motorway. Before I knew it, we were in a passing place on an long, quiet country lane, about to fuck in my boyfriend’s tiny car.

The key ingredient was there – I’d never had car sex before, excitement and desire meant we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, the possibility of being caught was an aphrodisiac in itself…

… But it was 4pm, broad daylight, and a cyclist went past just as my knickers were about to come off. Anticipation is necessary for me, but it isn’t always enough to let every care disappear!

Sex isn’t always perfect: it’s messy as much as it’s mind blowing. If it had been later, darker and the road quieter, perhaps I’d have a different car sex story. There’s always a next time, especially as that anticipation is still burning away.



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