*warning this post contains PLL spoilers and readers should only view if you have watched all Pretty Little Liars episodes*

If you’re like me and have been invested in the American programme Pretty Little Liars for way too long, you’ll be glad to know we’ve finally been put out of our misery and finally know who ‘A’ is. Hurrah! But what did I think and was it worth watching 7 long seasons?If you don’t know what it’s about – in a nutshell it’s a high school drama about 5 friends and one of them, Alison, goes missing at a sleep over. The rest of her friend group receive mysterious and taunting messages from ‘A’ with mysterious gifts and traps along the way. Through the years there were many suspects from their parents, teachers and long lost friends. Now I’m not very tough when it comes to watching TV, so anything remotely jumpy – a cushion comes out to hide under. PLL was just the right amount of scary for me.

So, here’s for the spoilers bit. I was so so excited to watch the season finale. I’ve got to admit I’ve been up and down with PLL. Sometimes the storyline was just so ridiculous it felt like it was getting a bit too much an unrealistic. I mean the whole thing isn’t realistic but the board game was just another level! For example, burying someone alive then they somehow manage to crawl back out!

Anyway, the idea that Spencer’s twin who we don’t know about was actually ‘A’. Clever. I thought the whole is it a mirror is it a twin scene was so shocking and a great reveal. What was disappointing was ‘Alex’s’ accent. I know I’m British but that really was a terrible cockney/Londoner attempt. I watched a video which says that the actress had been practicing for a year… so now I feel a little bad.

I loved that there was ultimately a happy ending and it was great to see, as always, a twist at the end with Moana still causing havoc with trapping Mary Drake and Alex in the Dolls house. All in all, it’s been a great show to get lost into at the weekend and I’m glad I stuck with it and finally know who A actually is!

What are your thoughts? Are you happy with the ending? Would you have changed anything about it?

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