I feel very fortunate to be having great sex with someone I love, trust and can communicate well with (most of the time!)

It’s not something I dwell on regularly, but every so often that little voice in the back of my mind gets louder as I think about the sexy positions I can’t quite act out as a wheelchair user.  Yes, we have great sex, but it’s often limited to missionary or doggy style (any other position hurts or takes a little too long to get into when we’re in the throes of passion).  My partner has never once complained, but I know he’d very much appreciate laying back and watching me on top once in a while.  Does that make our sex any less exciting or brilliant than non-disabled couples? It’s really difficult for me to say, as my body has always worked in this way, but he says that, just like other partners we’ve slept with, sex is different but most certainly not worse, with me.

I often wonder if non-disabled women question themselves in the same way when it comes to bedroom antics.  Do we all know that we have a secret little move, phrase or position that slowly becomes our superpower, quickly making up for anything we are lacking in, less confident about or simply unable to do?

I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I do believe in adding a bit of ‘raunch’ to things at every given opportunity. Next year, I’m going to make sure that I spice up the positions that I can do, by being the very best that I can be at them. Call it a personal sexual challenge. I hope you’re ready, 2019..!

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