‘The humble 69’

Penetrative sex is great, but it most certainly isn’t everything. In fact, there’s quite a movement out there that is focusing on brilliant, sensual sex that doesn’t just involve penetration, or maybe doesn’t even include it at all! The disabled and trans communities are often at the forefront of this, and any sexual awareness and education is something I’m personally always up for celebrating.

We often think of anything using our hands and mouths as foreplay – but what if it was the main event, or at least held in higher regard? Enter, the humble 69.

The 69 is well described by those two little numbers laying side by side. Simultaneous oral with double the pleasure! It’s quite an inclusive position too; one partner can lie back as the other lies on top, or it can be enjoyed side-on. For many women especially, this is a more sure-fire way to an orgasm than intercourse, and can actually feel much more intimate than penetration, depending on your preferences. And if nothing else, the different angles that the 69 offers makes it a fun and unique position for playing with your partner. Enjoy!


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