Who says that sex is only for the bedroom? There are many ways to ‘do it’ around the house, but one of my favourites has to be the ‘sofa doggy’.

Doggy is favoured by many as the creme de la creme of sex positions; it’s pretty primal, different sensations can be achieved by one partner kneeling on all fours or lying down whilst the other stands, squats, kneels or goes down on one knee, and there’s a good bit of arse viewing included, too! For those of us who are disabled, the doggy position can also be a real winner as it doesn’t depend on how far you can spread your legs to straddle, or powerful thighs for going ‘on top’.

If you fancy trying doggy out of bed, kneel down and press your thighs against the front of your sofa as your partner kneels behind and enters you. The sofa will support you both, allowing for more powerful sex, whilst you can use it to bend over and push your head into the seat or push up on to meet your partner in an upright position. And you both get the excitement of sex in a different location, what’s not to love?



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