When it comes to bedroom antics, different people get excited by different things, be that positions, pain or public sex.  Location can be a big turn-on, especially if there’s a chance of getting caught.  The trick with sex in most public places is to be both speedy and smart, especially if you’re getting it on in unpredictable circumstances; a co-worker could walk in any minute, a driver could pull up in the same lay-by or other holiday makers could wander onto the beach…!

The great thing about public sex is that it doesn’t discriminate; you can do it in any position that works for you, use any other bits of equipment you might want to help you get off (as long as they don’t need to be plugged in!) and even talking about what might happen if things don’t go to plan can be almost orgasmic.

A few words of advice: make sure both parties are up for this; spontaneity is great but public sex doesn’t get everyone going.  Talking about it beforehand and seeing if it makes you both tingle in the right places is probably a smooth move.  Make sure you are both feeling frisky and ready to rip each other’s clothes off when the moment strikes, as time may be in short supply, and don’t forget to scope out your location too, and avoid one too many unpredictable moments!

Most of all, enjoy.  Just make sure that you don’t end up having get-caught sex though… you know, the time in the office that gets recorded on CCTV, or the quick fumble in the car that startles a nearby cyclist.  Yes, I do speak from experience!


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