As I’m always quick to tell people, the best sex isn’t always penetrative. In fact, I’ve always been more experimental and satisfied with partners who haven’t always had intercourse as their priority. If you’re wanting to branch out a bit more into sexual intimacy and all it entails, why not try some mutual masturbation? Simultaneous pleasure, with you both getting yourselves off in exactly the ways you want to – what’s not to like?!

It’s undoubtedly true that men and women are wired differently, especially when it comes to sex. Mutual masturbation can be a big turn on for men as they are mostly visual creatures, and simply put, watching their woman play with herself, moan and have an orgasm can be pretty delightful, all the while being able to take in the whole of her body in front of them.  Women, on the other hand, are often aware that men masturbate over the female form, so it can be quite a psychological buzz to perform a routine that you know your partner is going to love (and remember for plenty of solo sessions in the future). Of course, it doesn’t always have to work in a heterosexual way, or with these particular personalities and preferences; this is just one example of why mutual masturbation is so enjoyable for many couples.

So, what are you waiting for? Gaze into your partner’s eyes and have a little play – it’ll do you both the world of good.


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